How to Earn Money on Etsy

 How to Earn Money On Etsy

I have been an Etsy seller since 2011. I have had my ups and downs with Etsy. However, when it comes down to it, to have a successful business on Etsy you need make something you love to make, find your niche, read the Etsy Handbook, promote yourself and your shop, and consistently stay up with it.

1) Make What You Love

If you’re going to do this as a business or a hobby either way you’re going to want to make something you want to make and are passionate about. First all, that passion is going to carry to your buyers. People respond to sellers who love what they do. Just like when you go into a small business store. If the person is cold and distant and doesn’t seem like they want to talk to you, well you probably aren’t going to buy anything. The same goes for your Etsy business. If you decided you want to make and sell hair accessories but then you no longer enjoy making them or you were just making them to earn money, you might get burnt out quick.

2) Find Your Niche

Find your Niche within making what you love. Do your research on Etsy first. If there are a lot of people who sell Hair accessories maybe you want to focus on a certain style or your own unique way that you make them. I sell Steampunk Jewelry, most are one of a kind made from old vintage jewelry or pieces and parts. I also have a couple of items that I’m able to reproduce like my gear earrings and during Christmas my Steampunk Clock hand Ornaments.

3) Read and Re-read the Etsy Handbook

When I first started my Etsy store I devoured the Etsy handbook. I highly recommend it. The handbook is in easy categories which makes it simple to find the topics. The handbook also is great helping you with tips on how to take photos of your products, how to get found in search engines, etc.

4) Promote Yourself and Your Shop

Etsy has many places in the site to promote your shop. For example, you can pay to advertise your listings. You can also join teams were you can promote your shop and get help and support.

Don’t stop at Etsy. Promote yourself off the site as well. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr are great venues for this. It is a great way to connect with your buyers as well as get your products out there. Let them know how your make your items, promote sales, and promote your listings.

5) Consistently keep your Shop up to Date

Whenever I see my stats fall it is usually because I haven’t posted a new item in a while. So, it is important to stay with it. Make sure you have at least 100 listings and keep them renewed. Post new listings every so often. Every three months go through your tags on your listings and revise and edit. Make sure you are being found in the search engines. Tailor your shop around the seasons and add seasonal items if possible.




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