What to Bring to a Craft Fair – 16 Essentials Every Seller Should Bring. 


Craft Fairs and Sellers Markets can be a great way to make a bit of extra side cash as well as get your business out there. Whether, you are selling at a craft fair because you want to bring some extra income from your hobby or you are a business. Check out these 16 essentials every seller should bring to their next craft fair.


1) Bring All Inventory

There might be that one customer who comes along asking about an item and you have that item but you left it at home or you didn’t bring enough stock with you and ran out. Bring all your inventory so you have no regrets if someone asks you for something.

2) Displays

Table cloths, drapes, products stands. Make your display area different and stand out among the rest. Make your area apart of the craft.

3) Signage

Banners, signs for social media, info about your products, price tags, testimonials. Make sure your company name is in a place where people can see it. Promote yourself and remind people of places that they can follow you on social media sites.

4) Business Cards

Bring plenty of business cards with you because you will need them. Sometimes people will not have the money or the time to really purchase from you so giving them your business card is a great alternative.

5) Mailing List Sign Up Sheet

You will be meeting new customers and what a better way to keep in touch with them then to have them sign up for your newsletter!

6) Cash and Change

Bring change with you. Both cash and change just in case.

7) Credit Payment System

Not everyone will carry cash with them. Make sure you have some form of credit payment system. If you sell on Etsy they have a card reader that they give to sellers and you can easily connect it to your account.

8) Receipt Sales Book

Give customers receipts for cash payments and keep track of what was sold.

9) Fanny Pack or Apron

Having a fanny pack or apron is great. This makes your money easily accessible when you are engaging your customers. Half aprons tend to be my favorite because they can still look really cute with your outfit.

10) Bags or Wrapping Paper for Sales. 

This seems to be one of the main things that merchants forget. Make sure you have something that is just as pretty and presentable for your customers to take their items home in. One of the last craft fairs I went to I actually sold some of the bags I had brought to a merchant because she forgot to bring any.

11) Power Strips and Extension Cords

It’s great to have extra lighting, maybe even having an area to charge your phone. Bring these essential items with with you just in case.

12) Display Emergency Kit.

Murphy’s law, whatever can go bad will. Or whatever can fall apart at the most inconvenient time will. Bring emergency supplies just in case.

13) Pens.                                                              

Bring pens! And bring more than one because you know how they love to randomly disappear!

14) Craft Supplies

Give yourself something to do. Bring supplies to keep yourself busy when traffic is down. This can also open up the option for you to possibly make custom pieces for customers as well.

15) Water and Snacks

Keep yourself hydrated especially if you are outside on a summer day. Bring snacks to keep that upbeat energy going.

16) Extra Clothes

Sometimes you can’t predict the weather. If you are going to be outside, bring extra clothes. That way you can put on extra clothes if it’s too cold or you can change if you dressed too warm on a hot day. One of the last craft fairs I did was at night and one of the coldest nights of the year. Luckily I brought enough clothes to keep warm and even had a couple of blankets in my car which I loaned out to some fellow sellers.

What do you always bring to craft fairs or shows?

35 thoughts on “What to Bring to a Craft Fair – 16 Essentials Every Seller Should Bring. 

  1. Healing Tomato says:

    Oh my! I have never been to a craft fair before. I don’t know why, but, I must change that immediately. I could spend hours there. I have 2 sawing projects that are gathering dust. I think I should take them to the fair.

  2. Heather says:

    I’ve never been in a craft fair, but then again, I’m not very crafty, but I do enjoy seeing what people make and how creative others can be. Some people just have a natural talent for it.

    • amberilys_steamcrafts@hotmail.com says:

      Thank you. I hate having to sell on an empty stomach and it’s so important to keep yourself hydrated.

  3. Rosey says:

    That’s smart to bring crafts. Something you can pick up and put down and easily be able to start off where you left it. 🙂

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