Steampunk Christmas Ornaments From Amber Ily’s Steamcrafts

Steampunk Christmas Ornaments

Steampunk Christmas Ornaments from Amber Ily’s Steamcrafts.

My little business Amber Ily’s Steamcrafts, already starting the holiday season off with Steampunk Christmas/Holiday Ornaments. They are perfect to decorate your Christmas tree or to add a little something special to gift wrap. The ornaments gears vary in color and pattern. The ornaments are $8 and can be ordered in a large amount off of my Etsy site. Please, inform me if you will be ordering over 40, so I can give you an estimated time and make sure that I have enough supplies. I will give a discount for bulk orders and wholesale. Here is the link for the Christmas Ornaments.



I also, have a new variation of my ornament this season. I teamed up with Gear Oils and we are now selling Steampunk Gear Oil Ornaments with felt in the middle to place some of your essential oil and make your Christmas tree smell fresh and evergreen. These new ornaments are $10.



Amber Ily’s Steamcrafts Gear and Clock Hand Earrings. Gear and Clock Hand earring also sell out fast during the holiday season. They are great stocking stuffers and perfect for women who have their ears pierced. The colors are copper, silver and gold and the are many patterns of gear and clock hand choices available. If you don’t see something you like let me know and maybe I can make you something special. Most earrings are $10 a pair. Please contact me if you have a large order. I will give discounts for buying in bulk and for wholesale. 



9 thoughts on “Steampunk Christmas Ornaments From Amber Ily’s Steamcrafts

  1. Christina Aliperti says:

    I love anything steampunk! These are gorgeous, they would be an awesome addition to our decor. the earrings are awesome too.

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