Quitting Birth Control – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly. 

This is a total girl (I mean period) moment here! So men you have been warned. Anything, I say that may gross or offend, you had your warning.
So, my husband and I decided awhile ago before we even got married that we weren’t going to have kids to due to my health problems. In October, we made it official and he had a vasectomy. We waited the allotted months and he was tested sperm free! Yay! That meant I could finally get off that horrible birth control I have been on for almost ten years.
They always tell you what to expect when you’re on birth control. What the side effects are, etc. What they don’t tell you is what happens when you quit your birth control. (Even if you call your doctor to let her know what you are doing *evil glares*).

I quit my birth control right after my period. It was the perfect timing. My husband had just got the okay and it meant I didn’t have to go and get another refill on my prescription. The first week I had the flu (long story and had nothing to do with quitting birth control). So, while I was laying in bed sick. I was terribly horny. Even though I was slowly dying. It was as if my libido just kicked back into overdrive. Definitely, a plus, not very great on timing, though.

The second week I was losing weight, which, at the time I attributed to my flu. I also had got a yeast infection. All of these things combined were starting to just get on my nerves and at the time, I hadn’t attributed my symptoms to quitting my birth control.

By the third week, my breasts had started hurting. That’s what sent me over the edge. I was freaking out. I thought, is there some way that I’m pregnant? Did my husband’s vasectomy not take? Then I thought of the recent changes I had gone through with my medication and thought about what kind of symptoms can birth control give you if you quit it? I immediately looked it up. All of my symptoms fit. I breathed a wonderful sigh of relief. Even though my breasts still sore, at least I knew it would go away.

I wanted to share some of the information I gathered. Again, I’m not a doctor so if you have questions concerning your health please contact your doctor.

The good

– You can lose a little weight

– Your sex drive may improve

– You can get pregnant easily

The Bad

– Your breast may deflate a tiny bit

– Breast tenderness 

– More headaches 

The Ugly

You may have heavier periods and worse cramps

– Possibly worse PMS

– Your acne may come back

– You may feel or see yourself ovulating

– You may get a yeast infection 

19 thoughts on “Quitting Birth Control – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly. 

  1. Sherryl Wilson says:

    So true! Coming off BC can be as tough if not tougher on your body than starting it. However, since the reasons for being on it are no longer a factor, you might be better off once the drugs are out of your system.

    Of course many women take BC for other physical reasons beside preventing conception.

    • amberilys_steamcrafts@hotmail.com says:

      That is very true. I actually started it before I was sexually active to help my migraines among other things. But it no longer helps them and I have better medication for them.

  2. Sheri Ann Richerson says:

    Wow, I had no idea. I can not take birth control at all – and never could – so I never had to deal with all those issues. Years ago I was given some – when I was 16 – because I had a series of mini-strokes and a cluster around my uterus. I did not get all the details of exactly what was wrong but I was only on the pills a month – and did not notice anything then. I hope your health improves. Thanks for sharing this! I know it is going to be beneficial to many!

    • amberilys_steamcrafts@hotmail.com says:

      I also felt it was starting to contribute to my headaches as weight gain and really affecting my libido which I hated. Always inform your doctor before going off a medication and keep yourself informed of any side affects.

  3. Leslie says:

    I’ve been taking birth control for about 4 years, I was on the patch because I couldn’t swallow pills for the first year but that was a pain because they’d fall if or not stick very well. I’m on them to regular my period. I’m in such a horrible mood for the week iffy ff them, hah.

  4. Elizabeth O. says:

    Birth control has a lot of benefits too, my skin improved and I also feel less cramps when I have a period, but I didn’t know there were symptoms like this when you quit. It’s really good to learn about these things, thank you.

    • amberilys_steamcrafts@hotmail.com says:

      I totally agree. I had to be on birth control as well because of my health condition if got pregnant I would be at risk. But once my husband got a vasectomy and I no longer had to be on it. It was just crazy the side affects that quitting birth control can give you. However when I was on it I never really notice too many issues.

  5. K. Lee Banks says:

    Wow, this brings back a lot of not-so-nice memories! I am approaching 60 (2 years to go), so I’m well into menopause, but I certainly remember almost withdrawal-type symptoms when I no longer needed to get my “depo” shot for birth control. I hope you feel better soon!

  6. Vi Dotter says:

    Thanks for taking me back – lordy I loved losing that bloaty feeling that first week or so! That other stuff – thank goodness my memory is fuzzy, because I was so terribly busy at the time. Don’t you just want to whack your husband during the red period? He will never know what it’s like to be a girl – ugh!

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