How to make a Steampunk Gear Pin

How to make a Steampunk gear pin – I love the Steampunk aesthetic. You don’t have to be a Steampunk enthusiast to incorporate a little bit of Steam into your outfits. A great way to bring Steampunk into your daily outfits or even into your cosplay is a little simple Steampunk gear pin.


Here is what you need

  • Bead Landing Assorted Gears (comes in a pack of 30)
  • Pin Backing
  • E6000 glue small tube (easier to hold when gluing small things)

*all these supplies are found at your local Michael’s Store.

Decide what gears you want to use. You don’t have to choose exactly the kind I did. I vary with both the bigger and smaller gears to give it depth. Try a mixture of colors and styles of the gears.


2 ) Decide where to place your gears. Or just grab and place and play with the gears till you like the design.

3) Before you start to glue make sure you are working on a plastic surface where you can place your gears to dry and if they stick you can easily get your pin off the surface.
4) Use your E6000 glue, and glue a little bit of the sides where you are going to place another gear.


5) Continue to layer the gears in a design you like. I layered the large gears first, then the small gears on top.


6) Wait about 20 minutes for your gears to dry in place.

7) Once your gears are done drying you can pick your E6000 again and your pin backing and glue your pin on!


8) Wait again about 10 -20 minutes for the glue to dry and you got yourself a cute Steampunk Pin.


Check back for more Steampunk and other crafts


23 thoughts on “How to make a Steampunk Gear Pin

  1. Diana says:

    That is SO cute! I love the steampunk look but it doesn’t really go with my “style.” This is a great way to incorporate it and inexpensive! Thanks!

  2. Elizabeth O. says:

    I love it, so easy to make and really pretty to look at. I was never interested in Steam Punk but I find some of the accessories pretty, especially the necklaces and the rings.

  3. Nicole scat says:

    Steampunk Gear Pin is so pretty and adorable. I want to make one so i can place it on my chest when i’m wearing a simple dress. It will make you clothes looks elegant.

  4. Bismah says:

    This pin is very pretty! I really like the look of homemade jewelry. I have never heard of Steampunk before. Now that I have I am curious and will have to check it out.

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