20 Things People Waste Their Money On

20 Things People Waste their Money On

  1. Credit card interest – Credit card interest is the number one budget killer and money waster. You swipe that credit card and then you plan on paying that money back and bam that interest comes back around and knocks you on your ass! You don’t even realize that you are wasting your money on it, till you don’t have any money!
  2. Overdraft Fees – In this day and age, people don’t usually write checks that then, cause your account to overdraft. However, there are debit cards that take money out of your checking account. For example, the Target Red Debit Card. Let’s be real, how many people have had their account overdraft because they forgot to take in account the money they spent at Target. It is still important to budget your checkbook to prevent overdraft fees. Try to also get overdraft protection. Also, some banks will forgive one overdraft a year. So, always ask.
  3. Going Out to Eat all the Time – Going out to eat all the time can get expensive really quick. Not only is it a money waster but the food is often unhealthy and high in calories. I again highly recommend Pinterest for healthy recipes to make food exciting
  4. Appetizers – Appetizers are great if you aren’t very hungry going into a restaurant and don’t want to spend a lot on a huge meal. However, buying both a meal and appetizers is both expensive and a lot of calories. Plus, how many times do you then bring most of that food home and it goes to waste because you were already full by the time your main meal was served? Save your money!
  5. Gym Memberships – An unused gym membership is such a waste of money. Trust me I have been there, done that and paid that price. Don’t buy into that, “I’m going to make it my new year’s resolution and start going to the gym.” Find other ways to work out that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.
  6. Coffee Shops/StarbucksThe internet is really a wonderful thing that we have at our fingertips. We are given the ability to look up great recipes to make our own delicious coffee at home for a lot less. We just need to stop buy into this instant gratification thing. Just think about all the time you’ll save yourself from waiting in Starbucks lines when you could instead be at home making your own delicious coffee.
  7. New Baby Clothes – Save your money on new baby clothes. Children grow out of clothes so quick so it is a great idea to get these items from your shower, second-hand stores, yard sales, or hand me downs.
  8. New Kids Toys – Children get bored with toys quite often or they break and stop working. I see so many kids toys at yard sales and second-hand stores for so much less. I buy my step son used toys and electrons all the time and he enjoys them just as much as the toys he gets from the store. In fact, he doesn’t know the difference.
  9. New Books – I find it extremely important that people find a way to read. However, I don’t believe that you need to pay full price for books. It is so easy to find books used, at a discount online, or at yard sales. You can even borrow books from friends.
  10. New Electronics – It is often tempting to buy the newest and latest trend in electronics. We spend hundreds and thousands of dollars every year to try and keep up with the latest and greatest in computers, fitness watches, TV’s, etc. Keep your old electronics. I have an old 80 GB classic iPod and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.
  11. Upgrading Your Cell Phone – This goes under electronics but, I feel like it needs its own separate reminder. You don’t need to upgrade your phone every time the new iPhone comes out. Wait till your contract comes up and get it for free don’t spend full price!
  12. Magazine Subscriptions – Magazine and daily newspapers can be read a couple of times then throw out. Although, they can be reused and recycled they often are a waste of money.
  13. Bar Drinks – Although, the atmosphere is tempting, drinking at a bar is far more expensive than having drinks at home. Get creative and have a house party. Look up some unique drink recipes on Pinterest and go crazy.
  14. Not Returning Items – I have to confess I have made money off of this. I have found items at yard sales that people had recently purchased that still had the tag on it and I then returned the item. All because the person was too lazy to take the item back to the store. Return your items even if you won’t get full price for it. Just think it is better than nothing.
  15. Buying a new car or trading in a car before it is paid off – New cars decrease in price the second you drive off the lot. So, why would you buy any car new if the resale value of it is going to decrease so quickly?
  16. Overly Expensive Wedding – Weddings are expensive! Couples often spend 30,000 or more on just one day which often starts their marriage in debt. Believe me, I am not exempt. Although, my parents paid for most of our wedding I spent quite a bit of money on odd and ends like decor and unnecessary expenses that could have better been spent on a vacation.
  17. Lottery Tickets or Gambling – Your chances of winning a good sum of money in the lottery or gambling is very slim. In fact, over the years of spending money on lottery tickets and gambling, you are probably wasting more than what you are getting back when you actually do win.
  18. Cable TV/Premium Cable Packages – There are so many ways now to get cable shows free or at a far better cost than what most cable and satellite providers are asking, that it is not worth paying for cable tv anymore. Check out Hulu Plus or Netflix.
  19. CDs and DVDs – Buying anything new really tends to be a big money waster. However, buying DVDs and CDs really can destroy your budget and your space. However, if you like having the physical copy at least buy them used.
  20. Upgraded Shipping –  Why pay for shipping when most stores online will ship to a local store for free? For example, Target or Best Buy will ship to their store for free. Amazon will ship for free for orders over $49 or $25 of books. Or if you have Amazon Prime it’s $10.99 a month and you get free two-day delivery among many other benefits.

7 Ways How to Save at Hot Topic

7 Ways How to Save at Hot Topic 

7 Ways How to Save at Hot Topic

7 ways how to save at Hot Topic. If you’re a geek or tend to love alternative types of clothes or have teenagers who do then you, probably love Hot Topic. However, Hot Topic can be really expensive. Their T-shirts range from $20 to $30 and their specialty clothes can go from $30 to $80 dollars sometimes more.

1) Hot Topic Guest List

Join Hot Topic’s guest list. Get points for each dollar you spend and in turn once you reach a certain amount of points you get $5.

2) Shop during Sales

Hot Topic usually has some kind of sale going on. Try to shop when they have their best sales. Buy one, get one, half off, or sales on their clearance.

3) Always Bring a Coupon

I always have coupons for Hot Topic. They usually come in the mail with their catalog. To get these sign up for the guest list. Sometimes the coupons are limited and they won’t always combine them with sales or Hot Cash. Always ask, it depends on the coupon and the store.

Hot Topic Hot Cash

5) Always shop during Hot Cash

Hot Cash is to spend $30 and get Hot Cash. The Hot Cash is then a coupon for $15 off $30. Most times Hot Topic will have Hot Cash while sales are going on. So that means not only are you saving money with the sale and getting points on your guest list card but you are also getting Hot Cash for later.

6) Spend your Hot Cash

Spend your Hot Cash during sales to maximize your savings. You usually have a limited amount of time to spend your Hot Cash about one to two weeks. Try to shop the during sales or in the clearance to maximize your savings.
7) Shop Clearance

Clearance always has great deals. If you go during their buy one get one for a $1 Clearance it is a great time to find some steals for their dresses and t-shirts. Or their Hot Mess Clearance when all clearance is $3.99!

10 Ways to have a Budget Friendly Wedding


10 Ways to have a budget Friendly Wedding

It’s wedding season! Having a budget friendly wedding is a balancing act between trying to save money and trying to not take too many projects on. Depending on the timeline of your wedding you might be able to take more DIY projects. When my Husband and I were planning our wedding I worked full time, we moved twice, and we had only 10 months to plan. Here are 10 tips on how to save money when planning your big day.

1) Make items

There are so many things you can make when it comes to your wedding. Balancing your timeline and your projects is really what makes it complicated. There are a number of items you can make for your wedding to cut down costs.

2) Buy your wedding dress used or on clearance.

Please, don’t buy your dress online. It is so risky and I have heard horror stories. However, there are great steals to find for wedding dresses. Goodwill and your local vintage store is a great place to find beautiful vintage or gently used wedding dresses. Buy cheap and make the dress your own. David’s Bridal also has a great Clearance and “As Is” section. I bought my dream wedding dress for $275 and the original price was $1,100 at David’s Bridal. I got it at the discount, all because the original owner returned it after the dress had already been altered.

3) Garage Sales

Sometimes, you can find people getting rid of things from their wedding at garage sales. I found my flower basket and ring pillow at a garage sale, then I just altered it to the way I wanted it for my wedding. Keep you eyes open for decor items like candle holders and dinnerware these can help make your wedding unique and you can use the items later in your home.

4) Craigslist and other used sites

These are also great places you can find wedding items for less. You can often find decor, table linens, men’s used suits and tuxes (make sure that you can always try on before buying). You can also find local vendors from Craigslist that can help cut down cost.

5) Goodwill and Salvation Army

Goodwill and Salvation Army sometimes has gems hidden within the wedding dress area. Some of the dresses just need alterations or cleaning. Mismatched bridesmaids dresses can be found here as well and can be tide together beautifully.

6) Bridal Shows

Bridal shows are great for freebies and discounts. Make sure to RSVP before hand and check sites like Groupon for discounts.

7) Thumbtack

This is a great site to find local vendors. You can set your price and then the vendors will contact you and negotiate prices and packages. I found both my DJ and my makeup artist on Thumbtack.

8) Use Ipod for music instead of hiring a DJ

If your budget doesn’t allow for a DJ an Ipod playlist might be a great alternative. You are then in control of your playlist and your songs. If you have a song system or,  your venue has an adequate sound system this is fairly simple to do. You can either choose to have the playlist go or have a friend moderate it.

9) Ask friends and family for help or expertise.

Originally, I didn’t want friends or family to help with my wedding. I was scared that if I didn’t like something they did I would risk offending them, which could cause stress during an already stressful time. However, my friends and family who helped with my wedding were more professional and listened to me more than the people who were professionals.

10) Get married at a place where everything is a set package

Sometimes, having a packaged deal is better than having to multiple venues and vendors for things. For example, we saved money by packaging our rehearsal, ceremony, and reception. They also took care of our catering and we had a day of coordinator. These all can add up when you buy them separate and can also cause a headache because now your are dealing with twice as many people which means more that can go wrong and get lost in translation.


How to Make Money Using Swagbucks – 11 easy tips to get you started 

One of the best ways I have been earning a bit of extra side money to help with things like gifts or groceries is using Swagbucks. I’ve been hearing a lot of mixed reviews between, I have tried it, and it took too long for me to get any points, so I gave up, or I would like to check it out. So, I wanted to break down the best ways to earn Swagbucks and get gift cards faster.

500 Swagbucks (SB) equal a $5 gift card. You can choose to cash out at $5 or wait and save up your Swagbucks and cash out when you reach higher amounts. Swagbucks has a huge assortment of gift cards available from PayPal to target and Amazon.

1) Download the Swagbucks app and SB TV – This  makes earning your points easy. You can do tasks on the go when you are standing in line waiting for Starbucks. Do your daily poll. Fill out a survey. Watch a couple videos all these tasks are at your fingertips.
2) Download the Swagbucks Toolbar – By downloading the toolbar it makes it easy to use the Swagbucks search engine. It also notifies you when there is a Swag Code available. You can also search and earn surprise Swagbucks.

3) Daily Poll – The daily polls are worth 1 SB. This can be done once a day, which equals to around 30 SB a month.


4) Daily Crave – Daily crave is on the Swagbucks main web page. You watch three videos and earn 1 Swagbuck. This can be done again daily, which can equal around 30 SB a month.

5) Daily Offers – Daily offers is another one that is on the Swagbucks webpage. They are special offers that you can either choose to sign up for or skip past. I personally always skip past them. At the end, you get 2 Swagbucks for going through the offers. This can be done daily, which can equal around 30 SB a month.

6) Watch the Featured videos on your phone in SB TV app – You can watch trailers on your phone. Each day you have a different earning limit. Sometimes, I leave my phone on the app on silent and let it play the trailers while I get ready or do chores. You do have to check on it occasionally because it will stop playing them if you haven’t used your phone in awhile.

7) Referrals – Swagbucks has a great referral program. If you refer someone you and your referral get 150 Swagbucks. You continue to get 10% from your referral as they continue to earn their Swagbucks. They also have promotions throughout the year for example throughout February you have a chance to win 300 Swagbucks from signing up through my referral.


 8) Shop – Shop online and get Swagbucks back, because who doesn’t love shopping online and getting money back. The amount varies from store to store. There are usually great deals around the holidays.


9) Daily Goal – Swagbucks sets daily goals. If you meet your daily goal for that day you get extra Swagbucks.

10) Swag Codes – Swagbucks has Swag codes that you can place in the code area either in the app or on your computer. There are sites you can go to that give you the codes instead of looking everywhere for the Swag code. You can also just get notifications sent to your phone my favorite is Swag Codes Spoiler.


11) Surveys – One thing I really don’t like about a lot of the points sites is that you have to fill out tons of surveys to really earn anything and most of the time you don’t ever even qualify for them. Swagbucks gives you 1 SBs for 4 surveys a day that you start and don’t qualify for.

I hope this helps everyone! Swagbucks is a great tool that doesn’t take up a ton of time. Most tasks take a minute or less and can be done on your phone. Give it a try or a second chance.

Road Trip to Arizona

Our Road Trip to Arizona

So here is our recap of our wonderful road trip to Arizona

We had to fill my Prius before we left for Arizona. I filled up at the least inexpensive place around at 2.55 which filled my tank and only cost me $20. Which I used during my day of work as well. We left at around 5:30pm and got food on the way. We had McDonald’s which cost us a whopping $12. However, this meal lasted us the rest of the night. We decided to stop in Quartzite to get gas due to the great gas price of $1.89 and filled my tank with $10.

We didn’t get into Mesa until 12am. We spent our first night at my husband’s friends house. We stayed up late and enjoyed catching up with friends.

The next day we got up early and headed over to Tempe. Once we got there my husband and I checked out Mill Street. This little area has great bars and restaurants. We didn’t get a chance to taste any of the amazing smelling food but we enjoyed walking up and down the strip and looking in the stores. One of my favorites was this little old bookstore called,  Old Town Books. This place had so many unique old books.


While walking around we found this little art museum. The museum was small and admission was free. Most of the art was ceramics and sculptures. Some of the pottery was very unique. I especially loved the steampunk teapot.



Another fun shop we went into on Mill Avenue was the Hippie Gypsy. This place had unique clothes and amazing rings.

After Mill Avenue, we headed over to Old Town Scottsdale. We walked around and looked at some of the stores. I have to say it felt over-produced. Most of the stores were jewelry stores who seemed to all have the same designs, or tourist shops. I tend to enjoy looking at the unique little shops and boutiques.

I did, however, find this Henna Shoppe and got this beautiful temporary Henna for only $15. I had such a lovely time. The woman who did the Henna was so sweet and she did a wonderful job.


As we were heading out of Old Town Scottsdale we happened upon this little Museum. There is nothing more perfect than a free museum.


Afterward, we joined up with my Husbands Aunt and Uncle. They were so wonderful and treated us to Pizza! We enjoyed the night staying up, talking and catching up. We spent the night at their place in Phoenix. The next morning we enjoyed Aunt Kara’s French Toast and eggs.


Sunday, we drove to Phoenix and checked out some antique stores. We found this huge antique mall called the Brass Armadillo. The prices were really affordable and there were so many cool things from each vendor.



We enjoyed the last couple of hours before we headed home at the Scottsdale Fashion Mall. We loved window shopping and checking out all the shops that we don’t usually see in our area. We ended up eating at the mall were I could use my coupons. We stopped to fill up in Scottsdale before we headed home, $1.68 a gallon! On the way home we enjoyed some wonderful rainstorms and great conversation. Our whole trip cost us $50 in gas, $27 in food, and $25 in entertainment (Henna tattoo and a little taxidermy specimen from the Brass Armadillo.) Our total came out to be $102! What a fantastic road trip for around $100 dollars.


Frugal Guide to Valentine’s Day

 Valentine’s day can be expensive. Valentine’s Day retail spending this year is expected to reach $18.9 billion this year in the U.S. That a lot of people spending a lot of money on one day to show to their significant other that love them. Here is a frugal guide to Valentine’s day.

  1. Take a Trip – Taking a trip can be romantic and doesn’t have to be expensive. Check out my guide to Road Trip on a Budget.
  2. Make your gift – Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that you make. Baked goods are great also check out Craftsy great site to learn how to make many things.
  3. Buy a potted plant – A bouquet of roses lasts only around a week and costs $40 to $60 dollars. Buy potted flowers that can be enjoyed in the house then transplanted outside.
  4. Write a Love Letter – Personal gifts always tend to be the best. Remind your significant other why you love them so much.
  5. Make a mix tape – Maybe it’s the 90’s kid in me but I love a good mix tape.
  6. Use Coupons at Restaurants – I can’t stress this enough, never go out to a restaurant without checking for coupons first.
  7. Go out for Lunch instead of Dinner – Lunch is often less crowded then dinner time and lunch prices cost less than dinner prices.
  8. Check Clearance Rack – Christmas just came and went, and spring is around the corner. Check clearance sections for great deals on items for your significant other.
  9. Buy Used Items – Check out sites like Amazon, Ebay, and Craigslist to find great items for less.
  10. Sex Coupons – My personal favorite. Make coupons for a back rub or a sexy night. Plus it’s gift that puts a smile on both of your faces.

*Disclaimer – This post has affiliate links. I do make a commission if you purchase if you’d prefer not to shop through my links feel free to visit the links directly. All opinions are my own and I only promote advertising from companies that I feel I can personally recommend. 


Road Trip on a Budget


Road Trip on a Budget

My husband and I have been wanting to take a weekend trip from our home in Southern California to Arizona since we got married almost a year ago. So, at the beginning of this year, we decided that at the last weekend of this month we were going to do it. We plan to travel to Prescott, Flagstaff, and Mesa, AZ. Our goal is to enjoy the site seeing, take photos, and my husband wants to show me where he used to live and hang out. How are we going to do this on a strict budget you ask? By careful planning, packing food and staying at family and friends houses, we are going to spend only gas money and about $40 on food.


Plan the best route possible

There is nothing like getting lost when you’re on a trip. Not only is it stressful but it’s a waste of gas and time. When planning any kind of road trip make sure you have all your destinations mapped out. If you decide at the last minute to go somewhere else make sure you map the alternate route so not to get lost. I can’t count how many times my Husband and I got lost on a road trip because we didn’t map the route out completely or one of us wasn’t paying attention.


Gas Buddy

If you don’t already use this app check it out. It’s perfect for daily use and trip planning. The app uses your location to find the nearest gas stations to you that have the cheapest gas. We will be using this app on our road trip to help us save money on our gas.


Pack Food and Snacks

Pack a cooler in your car and fill it up with ice. Use it to keep drinks, sandwich meat and snacks in it. We don’t really want to eat out while on the road and we want to continue to stick to our goals of not eating out. We will be using a cooler stashed with drinks and snacks to enjoy our site seeing road trip. We will enjoy one meal on the go which will be whatever coupons I bring with me.


Stay with Family and Friends

Staying at a hotel is expensive. When on a road trip if possible, stay at a family or friends house. Well at least stay with family only if you get along with them. Don’t sacrifice your sanity to save a few bucks. Stay at home instead. While we are in Arizona we will be staying with some family and friends. This will give us a chance to visit with them and catch up as well as have a place to stay.

4 Easy Ways to Save When Eating Out 

 4 Easy ways to save money when eating out

Eating at restaurants is my guilty pleasure. I love sitting down and talking face to face with family or friends without the distractions of T.V. and technology. The atmosphere is great and the food just tastes better than me or my husband’s cooking (don’t tell him I told you that.) However, when living on a budget you have to find ways to save money, and going out to eat is a luxury. So, how can you still enjoy an occasional meal out to eat while still staying in your budget? Here are 4 easy ways.

1) Check for coupons 

If you have a particular restaurant in mind that you want to go to check out their website for any coupons.com, restaurants.com and retailmenot.com have great coupons. Check your local paper as well. It depends on where you live on the restaurant coupons you will receive. We usually get Red Lobster, Souplantation, and Olive Garden for restaurants. For fast food, we usually get Del Taco and Carl’s Jr. If I cannot find a coupon I don’t go.

2) Sign up for emails and rewards

Most restaurants have an email list where they send you updates and coupons this is another great way to get coupons and save money when going out to eat. Sign up for your favorite places to eat. We love Applebee’s and TGI Fridays. I get coupons weekly emailed to me from them. Some restaurants have rewards where if you spend so much you get a free meal or hamburger. Red Robin, TGI Fridays, and BJs have a rewards program.

3) Gift cards

Most restaurants have deals during the holidays that if you buy a certain gift card amount you get a bonus gift card. Or, if you buy gift cards at places like Von’s and Ralph’s they offer points that you can use towards gas incentives. Which means you save money at the gas pump.

4) Split meals or have the appetizer

How many times have you gone out to eat and ordered more than you could eat? I can’t count how many times my eyes were bigger than my stomach. I would be starving and order a three-course meal and was after the appetizer I would be full. I would promise myself that I would eat the rest for lunch the next day, but then the next day would be a week later and I’d have to throw the food out. So much food and money wasted. if I would have just started out small and ordered more if I wanted to.

My husband and I don’t usually like the same kinds of foods. He is a hamburger man and I’m a pasta girl, but if you both can agree on something split a meal. A lot of restaurants have such large portions it’s hard for one person to eat one meal. Split it with your significant other.

 Do you like to eat out? How often do you go out to eat in a week?

A week without soda

 I have been drinking soda and diet soda since I was 13. I used to drink six regular sodas a day then when I eventually switched to diet soda in hopes to lose weight and cut my calories. I cut the calories and lost the weight but my addiction to soda continued. I had read so many articles about how harmful diet soda is to your body so I cut back on the diet. In my attempts to stay somewhat healthy and keep my soda I stuck to around 2-3 sodas a day. I know it sounds ridiculous but, I was addicted and without the soda I couldn’t get through my day without having a headache or feeling so tired that I wanted to just stay in bed and die.

This new year my goal was to kick the habit and stop drinking soda. This will help save money and possibly make me healthier in the long run.

Day 1 – There is nothing like getting up in the morning at 5am and not having caffeine to keep me awake. By the middle of the day I was about to say screw this and buy me a Big Gulp of Diet Dr Pepper (my drug of choice) and drink it all and refill it and drink some more.

Day 2 – I noticed that my intake of water had substantially increased. However, my headaches were starting and I was becoming extremely grouchy. Not only did I not have any soda but I had nothing in the house with caffeine.

Day 3 – I’m not much of a coffee person. I especially don’t like it black which means if I wanted some I’d have to put creamer in it. Which meant more calories. I decided on green tea until I found a better alternative for creamer.

Day 4 – Due to my work schedule today I wasn’t able to get any kind of caffeine in me till after work. It was rough, but I made it. It’s an odd feeling. I didn’t  necessarily feel tired I just felt like a zombie walking through the day. An outsider looking in on what’s going on.

Day 5 – I read some articles today to help boost my confidence and remind me that I’m not doing this for nothing. I found out a lot of details that really supported my path and helped me towards my goal.

Day 6 – I woke up with the wickedest of headaches finally got some Earl grey tea in me. I couldn’t believe the withdrawals I was having. I was moody and wanted nothing more than to stay in bed and do nothing.

Day 7 – My husband showed me how to use the coffee maker. I know I’m weird and I used my new Silk creamer and have officially decided that I like it.
Unfortunately my weekend was a bit rough. I was moody throughout and slightly depressed. I couldn’t believe how much harm soda was doing to me. I have been trying to bring my tea to work this week because it was easier than coffee. No headache this morning and I’m starting to feel a bit better. During my first week without soda I wanted to know more about why I was feeling the way I was? What was so harmful in soda and diet soda that causes withdrawals this sever? And how could I make myself feel better without diet soda?

Reasons to Quit

1) Diet Soda causes you to be cloudy headed, headaches and anxiety.

These are all issues I have. I’m currently on medication for migraines and they have continued to get worse in the pass couple of months. I’m curious to see if quiting soda will help with my headaches and I don’t have to up medication.

2) Quiting Diet soda can start weight loss. 

I’ve heard this one for awhile, but it was a hard one to believe. Yes, when I quit regular soda and switched to diet, I did loose weight. But in the long run diet soda can make you crave sweets. Artificial  sweeteners in diet soda trigger insulin, which sends your body into fat storage mode, which leads to weight gain and belly fat.

3) Diet Soda can be the reason you struggle with bloating and stomach pains. 

What is more uncomfortable than stomach bloat and pains. I get this all the time especially stomach pains and have even been hospitalized for it. The doctors ran many tests and had no clue as to why I was having mysterious stomach pains. It’s possible Diet Soda is the reason.

Sounds like a horror story that has been marketed to women promising us that we will be pretty and skinny if we just drink diet. Well, it’s time we put their clever “diet” marketing to rest. Diet soda is slowly making us fat and sick. So, how can we ease ourselves in a better lifestyle and leave the diet behind?

How to help Withdrawals

Granted maybe I should’ve found other alternatives for my caffeine intake before I went cold turkey, but after a week I’ve found some great resources and ideas to help with leaving diet soda behind this new year.

1) Drink better alternatives

Drink coffee, tea, or smoothies. These are great alternatives that can help you start feeling better. There was a dramatic difference between when I didn’t have any kind of caffeine and when I had decided on a healthy caffeinated alternative.

2) Ease off the diet soda slowly

Depending on how much you drink, ease off the soda slowly. This will help your withdrawals to be not so sever.

How many sodas do you drink? Have you quit soda? If so how was the process for you?

Sensory Kits for Less for Adults and Teens

 Sensory Kit items for Less for Adults and Teens

Sensory kits are perfect for people who have general anxiety disorder, sensory processing disorder or Autism. They help channel attention to sensory items that the person can easily control rather than continue to be affected by outside influences. Here are some great tips on what to get for your kit and how to get them for less.

iPods – for music
Music can be essential when trying to prevent a melt down or anxiety attack. It can help channel aural attention and cancel outside noises. Sometimes having a dedicated iPod or music player that is always with you is the best. Sensory issues can happen when you least expect it and it is always best to be prepared.

However, they can be expensive.

Always buy used. GameStop.com usually has a wide variety of used iPods for less. Buy the older versions to save more money. EBay and craigslist are some other great sites. Just be sure you read the description carefully and make sure you are getting exactly what you want.

Use your phone- If you have the space in your phone, put a dedicated playlist so you always have music with you.

This depends on the person. I have Bose headphones that are wireless. I prefer the comfort factor and that they are wireless. They also work pretty well with canceling out noise even if I don’t have music on. I got mine on a Cyber Monday sale at Best Buy and combined some gift certificates and MyBestBuyRewards to make the price $50. Usually $200.

However, you can choose to use ones that come with the iPod or used headphones from sites like eBay and Craigslist. I sometimes find knock off brands or older models at yard sales as well. Just make sure you ask to see if they are working before you purchase them.

Portable Gaming

In my kit I have a PSVita. I got it used at Game Stop during Black Friday. Nintendo DS are less now as well. Always buy used. Your Smartphone also is a great tool. You can use it to watch movies and play games on it.

Stress ball
These are fairly simple of find. They can be found at the 99 Cents Store or sometimes you can get them free at Health fairs. These are perfect for a textile sensory. I often use them when I’m in crowded places