4 Side-Hustles for Creative People


4 Creative Ways to earn extra Income

Let’s face it, if you are a creative person it is hard to find a good job that isn’t both extremely competitive and hard to get into. The creative jobs that are easier to get into just don’t pay very well. Here are some great ways to show off your creative talent and make some extra money on the side.


Etsy is a wonderful handmade market. If you are great at making things I suggest selling your handmade items on Etsy. I make an extra $3,000 to $4,000 a year on Etsy sales. It is possible to make a living off of selling on Etsy. However, I enjoy my job so I haven’t expanded my business. Check out (How to Earn Money on Etsy)


If you are an artist painting or photography or any other medium consign your work to local coffee shop or business. Sometimes, you can consign your handmade items to even an Antique mall. Ask the manager of the business and usually, they will ask to see a sample of your product and will consign with a certain percentage of your sales. Try to consign to shops that have the type of clients that would buy your product or your aesthetic works well with their design. You will help decorate their walls and space and they can make a certain percentage of your sales. You get daily exposure and sales. Maximize your exposure by making sure you leave your business cards where the customers will be able to get them.

Sell at a local Craft Fair

When it comes to making your creative products don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Don’t just sell on Etsy and don’t just consign. Sell at local craft fairs, markets, even conventions. This is a great way to network and get yourself out there when you have an online shop or you just want to bring in some extra money for your talents. Bring plenty of business cards and your A game in sales. Be genuine and confident when speaking to your buyers. Tell them your story about your creative work. Check out my list of what to bring to your next craft fair.

Start a blog

Write about what you are passionate about. Write what you know. There are a so many amazing blogs out there about so many subjects. Pick a topic and write about it. Maybe you write fiction or poetry blog your creative writings. Tumblr and Instagram are great venues for poetry.


Maybe you write Fiction or Poetry. Get your book out there and make some extra money by self-publishing. Amazon has a great program. Lulu is also a great site.


How to Make Money Using Swagbucks – 11 easy tips to get you started 

One of the best ways I have been earning a bit of extra side money to help with things like gifts or groceries is using Swagbucks. I’ve been hearing a lot of mixed reviews between, I have tried it, and it took too long for me to get any points, so I gave up, or I would like to check it out. So, I wanted to break down the best ways to earn Swagbucks and get gift cards faster.

500 Swagbucks (SB) equal a $5 gift card. You can choose to cash out at $5 or wait and save up your Swagbucks and cash out when you reach higher amounts. Swagbucks has a huge assortment of gift cards available from PayPal to target and Amazon.

1) Download the Swagbucks app and SB TV – This  makes earning your points easy. You can do tasks on the go when you are standing in line waiting for Starbucks. Do your daily poll. Fill out a survey. Watch a couple videos all these tasks are at your fingertips.
2) Download the Swagbucks Toolbar – By downloading the toolbar it makes it easy to use the Swagbucks search engine. It also notifies you when there is a Swag Code available. You can also search and earn surprise Swagbucks.

3) Daily Poll – The daily polls are worth 1 SB. This can be done once a day, which equals to around 30 SB a month.


4) Daily Crave – Daily crave is on the Swagbucks main web page. You watch three videos and earn 1 Swagbuck. This can be done again daily, which can equal around 30 SB a month.

5) Daily Offers – Daily offers is another one that is on the Swagbucks webpage. They are special offers that you can either choose to sign up for or skip past. I personally always skip past them. At the end, you get 2 Swagbucks for going through the offers. This can be done daily, which can equal around 30 SB a month.

6) Watch the Featured videos on your phone in SB TV app – You can watch trailers on your phone. Each day you have a different earning limit. Sometimes, I leave my phone on the app on silent and let it play the trailers while I get ready or do chores. You do have to check on it occasionally because it will stop playing them if you haven’t used your phone in awhile.

7) Referrals – Swagbucks has a great referral program. If you refer someone you and your referral get 150 Swagbucks. You continue to get 10% from your referral as they continue to earn their Swagbucks. They also have promotions throughout the year for example throughout February you have a chance to win 300 Swagbucks from signing up through my referral.


 8) Shop – Shop online and get Swagbucks back, because who doesn’t love shopping online and getting money back. The amount varies from store to store. There are usually great deals around the holidays.


9) Daily Goal – Swagbucks sets daily goals. If you meet your daily goal for that day you get extra Swagbucks.

10) Swag Codes – Swagbucks has Swag codes that you can place in the code area either in the app or on your computer. There are sites you can go to that give you the codes instead of looking everywhere for the Swag code. You can also just get notifications sent to your phone my favorite is Swag Codes Spoiler.


11) Surveys – One thing I really don’t like about a lot of the points sites is that you have to fill out tons of surveys to really earn anything and most of the time you don’t ever even qualify for them. Swagbucks gives you 1 SBs for 4 surveys a day that you start and don’t qualify for.

I hope this helps everyone! Swagbucks is a great tool that doesn’t take up a ton of time. Most tasks take a minute or less and can be done on your phone. Give it a try or a second chance.

5 Best Ways to Earn Amazon Gift Cards


Tried, Tested and here are my favorites. There are many ways to earn Amazon gift cards here are the 5 best ways to earn Amazon gift cards.

1) Swagbucks– Swagbucks are points that you earn. For every 500 Swagbucks is a $5 Amazon gift card. You earn these points by doing simple tasks like filling out surveys, searching the internet, or watching trailers. Sign up through my referral link and get 150 Swagbucks to start.   Referral. If you sign up this February through my referral link you can get 300 Swagbucks bonus! That means you only need 200 more to get your first $5 gift card.

2) Amazon Trade-in Program – Trade in your used books, electronics and all sorts of items in exchange for amazon gift cards.

3) Ibotta – Ibotta is a great app that helps you get rebates on groceries and turn them into gift cards.

4) Coinstar – Trade in your coins for Amazon gift cards instead of cashing out and paying the 9% Coinstar fee.

5) Bing Rewards – Earn credits for surfing the web, watching videos and answering trivia questions then redeem these credits for Amazon gift cards.

What are your favorite ways to earn Amazon gift cards?


*Disclaimer – This post has affiliate links. I do make a commission if you purchase if you’d prefer not to shop through my links feel free to visit the links directly. All opinions are my own and I only promote advertising from companies that I feel I can personally recommend. 

What to Bring to a Craft Fair – 16 Essentials Every Seller Should Bring. 


Craft Fairs and Sellers Markets can be a great way to make a bit of extra side cash as well as get your business out there. Whether, you are selling at a craft fair because you want to bring some extra income from your hobby or you are a business. Check out these 16 essentials every seller should bring to their next craft fair.


1) Bring All Inventory

There might be that one customer who comes along asking about an item and you have that item but you left it at home or you didn’t bring enough stock with you and ran out. Bring all your inventory so you have no regrets if someone asks you for something.

2) Displays

Table cloths, drapes, products stands. Make your display area different and stand out among the rest. Make your area apart of the craft.

3) Signage

Banners, signs for social media, info about your products, price tags, testimonials. Make sure your company name is in a place where people can see it. Promote yourself and remind people of places that they can follow you on social media sites.

4) Business Cards

Bring plenty of business cards with you because you will need them. Sometimes people will not have the money or the time to really purchase from you so giving them your business card is a great alternative.

5) Mailing List Sign Up Sheet

You will be meeting new customers and what a better way to keep in touch with them then to have them sign up for your newsletter!

6) Cash and Change

Bring change with you. Both cash and change just in case.

7) Credit Payment System

Not everyone will carry cash with them. Make sure you have some form of credit payment system. If you sell on Etsy they have a card reader that they give to sellers and you can easily connect it to your account.

8) Receipt Sales Book

Give customers receipts for cash payments and keep track of what was sold.

9) Fanny Pack or Apron

Having a fanny pack or apron is great. This makes your money easily accessible when you are engaging your customers. Half aprons tend to be my favorite because they can still look really cute with your outfit.

10) Bags or Wrapping Paper for Sales. 

This seems to be one of the main things that merchants forget. Make sure you have something that is just as pretty and presentable for your customers to take their items home in. One of the last craft fairs I went to I actually sold some of the bags I had brought to a merchant because she forgot to bring any.

11) Power Strips and Extension Cords

It’s great to have extra lighting, maybe even having an area to charge your phone. Bring these essential items with with you just in case.

12) Display Emergency Kit.

Murphy’s law, whatever can go bad will. Or whatever can fall apart at the most inconvenient time will. Bring emergency supplies just in case.

13) Pens.                                                              

Bring pens! And bring more than one because you know how they love to randomly disappear!

14) Craft Supplies

Give yourself something to do. Bring supplies to keep yourself busy when traffic is down. This can also open up the option for you to possibly make custom pieces for customers as well.

15) Water and Snacks

Keep yourself hydrated especially if you are outside on a summer day. Bring snacks to keep that upbeat energy going.

16) Extra Clothes

Sometimes you can’t predict the weather. If you are going to be outside, bring extra clothes. That way you can put on extra clothes if it’s too cold or you can change if you dressed too warm on a hot day. One of the last craft fairs I did was at night and one of the coldest nights of the year. Luckily I brought enough clothes to keep warm and even had a couple of blankets in my car which I loaned out to some fellow sellers.

What do you always bring to craft fairs or shows?

5 Ways to Earn Extra Money

 5 Ways to Earn Extra Money

So, everyone wants to earn a bit of extra income without having to do a lot. I remember before I started this blog, I was trying to find ideas to make extra income when I basically lived in the middle of nowhere. That meant no side jobs like walking people dogs, yard work, or anything else that required me to be near a main city or town. So, here are some ideas on how to make a bit of extra money if you live in the suburbs or rural areas.

Sell on Etsy

Etsy can be a hit or miss for some people. Sometimes I don’t always get a steady income from the site. However, If you promote yourself on social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc) you can get a great customer following. It just takes dedication when you first start up to be truly successful. Find your niche. If you are going to sell Vintage Items specialize in Vintage Clothing. Same goes with handmade items. If you are great at sewing but there is too many clothing sellers on Etsy maybe your store specializes in bedding (Remember to make what you love). I am obsessed with geek culture and Steampunk so I decided to put the two together and make unique Steampunk Jewelry.

(Check out post on Making Money on Etsy)

Have a Yard Sale

So this won’t bring in extra money in your pocket daily however, it is a great way to clean out your house and get rid of things you aren’t using anymore and bring in some extra cash. Since I live in the middle of nowhere we tend to bring our items to a friend’s house whenever they are having a community yard sale. This maximizes our chances to have a successful yard sale. Promote your sale on Craigslist and Facebook. Check the weather and try to plan to have your yard sale on a sunny weekend. Preferably when it is not too hot and not too cold.

Sell on Craigslist or Ebay

Sell or Resell on sites like Craigslist and Ebay. Sometimes you can find great deals at yard sales and Estate sales and then resell them on Ebay or Craigslist. My Dad has made his entire side job for the last 25 years buying antiques from estate sales and reselling them on Ebay. He had no knowledge of what things were worth he just look the items up on the internet.


Okay, so I started Swagbucks years ago when it first started but, just stopped using it because I felt I was never getting anywhere with all those points. Then I saw an influx of people starting to use the site and kept raving about the site. I have finally joined that bandwagon again. So, coming from a skeptic I’m telling you Swagbucks is a great way to earn extra money and gift cards. You can earn points (Swagbucks) from searching the web, watching videos, surveys, Swag Codes, and shopping online. These all add up quick. Once you hit 500 Swagbucks you can cash out to get a $5 gift card for many places or you can choose to save your Swagbucks to get a higher amount gift card. If you use my link referral you will get a free 150 Swagbucks to start. 300 Swagbucks if you join through my link till the end of January.

Referral Link

Also, check out other money making apps and sites like Receipt Hog and Ibotta.

Start a Blog

When it comes down to it, I’m a writer through and through. So, write what you know and write about what you are passionate about and people will follow. If you love fashion, write a fashion blog, if you love couponing a saving money then write a coupon blog. A lot of times the keys to success on the internet is promoting yourself. Get yourself out there on social media sites. The internet tends to get filled up with people who all are trying to do the same thing. So find your niche in those types of trends. Don’t get so general that people overlook you because your blog looks and sounds like that other person’s blog. If you are going to be a fashion blog maybe be a fashion blog that focuses on wedding trends or your own personal fashion. (Tips: Stick with it and plan a schedule) If you want to monetize your blog I suggest become self-hosted. It looks professional and it gives you more flexibility with how you want your blog to look and feel. Bluehost is a great web hosting company and is perfect for starting out. You can start at 3.95 a month and get your free domain name.

What are some side incomes you have tired? What are your favorites?

*Disclaimer – This post has affiliate links. I do make a commission if you purchase if you’d prefer not to shop through my links feel free to visit the links directly. All opinions are my own and I only promote advertising from companies that I feel I can personally recommend. 

How to Earn Money on Etsy

 How to Earn Money On Etsy

I have been an Etsy seller since 2011. I have had my ups and downs with Etsy. However, when it comes down to it, to have a successful business on Etsy you need make something you love to make, find your niche, read the Etsy Handbook, promote yourself and your shop, and consistently stay up with it.

1) Make What You Love

If you’re going to do this as a business or a hobby either way you’re going to want to make something you want to make and are passionate about. First all, that passion is going to carry to your buyers. People respond to sellers who love what they do. Just like when you go into a small business store. If the person is cold and distant and doesn’t seem like they want to talk to you, well you probably aren’t going to buy anything. The same goes for your Etsy business. If you decided you want to make and sell hair accessories but then you no longer enjoy making them or you were just making them to earn money, you might get burnt out quick.

2) Find Your Niche

Find your Niche within making what you love. Do your research on Etsy first. If there are a lot of people who sell Hair accessories maybe you want to focus on a certain style or your own unique way that you make them. I sell Steampunk Jewelry, most are one of a kind made from old vintage jewelry or pieces and parts. I also have a couple of items that I’m able to reproduce like my gear earrings and during Christmas my Steampunk Clock hand Ornaments.

3) Read and Re-read the Etsy Handbook

When I first started my Etsy store I devoured the Etsy handbook. I highly recommend it. The handbook is in easy categories which makes it simple to find the topics. The handbook also is great helping you with tips on how to take photos of your products, how to get found in search engines, etc.

4) Promote Yourself and Your Shop

Etsy has many places in the site to promote your shop. For example, you can pay to advertise your listings. You can also join teams were you can promote your shop and get help and support.

Don’t stop at Etsy. Promote yourself off the site as well. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr are great venues for this. It is a great way to connect with your buyers as well as get your products out there. Let them know how your make your items, promote sales, and promote your listings.

5) Consistently keep your Shop up to Date

Whenever I see my stats fall it is usually because I haven’t posted a new item in a while. So, it is important to stay with it. Make sure you have at least 100 listings and keep them renewed. Post new listings every so often. Every three months go through your tags on your listings and revise and edit. Make sure you are being found in the search engines. Tailor your shop around the seasons and add seasonal items if possible.




4 Steps to Having a Successful Yard Sale

 4 Steps to Having a Successful Yard Sale

Having a yard sale is a great way to earn some extra cash and get rid of clutter. Here are some ways to have a successful yard sale.

1) Advertise – Sites like Craigslist and Facebook’s community groups are great ways to advertise your yard sale. Make sure you post photos and give a description of some of the items you’ll have.
For our Geeks – Market your video games and unique gear.  You’ll never know who will show up and pay top dollar.

2) Make Your Yard Sale Appealing – Don’t just throw things into your garage or out on your lawn. There is only so much stuff people will dig through. Take everything out of the boxes so people can see what you have. Fold or hang up clothes nicely. Make your yard an appealing display for your stuff.

3) Be Willing to Negotiate – Price your items at a price you are willing to negotiate at. People are looking for a bargain, and you are looking to make a few extra bucks and get rid of your stuff, so be reasonable.

4) Price All Your Items – Don’t leave your customers guessing. You never know that one person who might want an item but doesn’t want to ask how much? There’s nothing more annoying than having someone ask how much for every item you have. Price all items and make signs clear.