Iron Horse Orange Empire Railway Museum

This past weekend I was a vendor at Iron Horse Steampunk Festival at the Orange Empire Railway Museum in Perris. My husband Daniel and I got there Friday night to set up my area. We also stayed a couple nights and camped out on the museum grounds during the Festival. I have to say it was an amazing experience that I can’t wait to do again next year.

I always love the characters and costumes that people make and come up with for Steampunk. Most people build stories around their costumes and become these characters while others alter other pop culture icons.

It’s a whole Steampunk Family

Steampunk Marty McFly



My lovely Mum dressed up as well for the Event. She even sported one of my gear pins on her shirt that I made. Check out my tutorial on how to make one of these cute accessories.


One of the things that I believe sets Iron Horse apart from most of the conventions is their music. Poplock Holmes gathered a wonderful line up for Iron Horse that truly made the festival. There were so many talented musicians at the Festival and I was lucky enough to get one of the best spots near the stage and entertainment. Poplock Holmes, Strange Indeed, Banjo man, Frytown Toughs, Aether Brigade and The Velveteen Band.

Strange Indeed is an original Folk, Jazz, and Bluegrass band from Riverside California.

When their beautiful little girl isn’t taking a nap she’s playing the tambourine with them rocking out.

One of the awesome people I met Demian aka Smiley the Banjo Man. His music is amazing and my husband thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with him.

The night concert was a blast. Everyone has such an amazing talent and unique sound.

Poplock Holmes had an amazing set with catchy beats

The Frytown Toughs were amazing as always and such a blast to listen to.


The Velveteen Band delivered an amazing set despite having some technical difficulties.



My husband and I enjoyed a tethered balloon ride from Skyline Balloons. The rides were $15 per person because we were selling at the event were able to buy one and get one free.

We also rode the Steam Engine. I can’t describe how much riding the train is. We don’t go too far on the tracks and the ride is about 15 -20 mins but all the rides in the museum on the trains and trolleys for the day are free. Which is my favorite part, because I was busy vending this year we didn’t really get the time to ride all the trolleys but I have gone in them at the previous Iron Horse Events



There were also many other activities that I wasn’t able to check out such as the different workshops.

Overall, the museum is a beautiful place for the event. All the volunteers are wonderful they know quite a bit about the trains and trolleys and can answer most of your questions.

How to make a Steampunk Gear Pin

How to make a Steampunk gear pin – I love the Steampunk aesthetic. You don’t have to be a Steampunk enthusiast to incorporate a little bit of Steam into your outfits. A great way to bring Steampunk into your daily outfits or even into your cosplay is a little simple Steampunk gear pin.


Here is what you need

  • Bead Landing Assorted Gears (comes in a pack of 30)
  • Pin Backing
  • E6000 glue small tube (easier to hold when gluing small things)

*all these supplies are found at your local Michael’s Store.

Decide what gears you want to use. You don’t have to choose exactly the kind I did. I vary with both the bigger and smaller gears to give it depth. Try a mixture of colors and styles of the gears.


2 ) Decide where to place your gears. Or just grab and place and play with the gears till you like the design.

3) Before you start to glue make sure you are working on a plastic surface where you can place your gears to dry and if they stick you can easily get your pin off the surface.
4) Use your E6000 glue, and glue a little bit of the sides where you are going to place another gear.


5) Continue to layer the gears in a design you like. I layered the large gears first, then the small gears on top.


6) Wait about 20 minutes for your gears to dry in place.

7) Once your gears are done drying you can pick your E6000 again and your pin backing and glue your pin on!


8) Wait again about 10 -20 minutes for the glue to dry and you got yourself a cute Steampunk Pin.


Check back for more Steampunk and other crafts


Quitting Birth Control – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly. 

This is a total girl (I mean period) moment here! So men you have been warned. Anything, I say that may gross or offend, you had your warning.
So, my husband and I decided awhile ago before we even got married that we weren’t going to have kids to due to my health problems. In October, we made it official and he had a vasectomy. We waited the allotted months and he was tested sperm free! Yay! That meant I could finally get off that horrible birth control I have been on for almost ten years.
They always tell you what to expect when you’re on birth control. What the side effects are, etc. What they don’t tell you is what happens when you quit your birth control. (Even if you call your doctor to let her know what you are doing *evil glares*).

I quit my birth control right after my period. It was the perfect timing. My husband had just got the okay and it meant I didn’t have to go and get another refill on my prescription. The first week I had the flu (long story and had nothing to do with quitting birth control). So, while I was laying in bed sick. I was terribly horny. Even though I was slowly dying. It was as if my libido just kicked back into overdrive. Definitely, a plus, not very great on timing, though.

The second week I was losing weight, which, at the time I attributed to my flu. I also had got a yeast infection. All of these things combined were starting to just get on my nerves and at the time, I hadn’t attributed my symptoms to quitting my birth control.

By the third week, my breasts had started hurting. That’s what sent me over the edge. I was freaking out. I thought, is there some way that I’m pregnant? Did my husband’s vasectomy not take? Then I thought of the recent changes I had gone through with my medication and thought about what kind of symptoms can birth control give you if you quit it? I immediately looked it up. All of my symptoms fit. I breathed a wonderful sigh of relief. Even though my breasts still sore, at least I knew it would go away.

I wanted to share some of the information I gathered. Again, I’m not a doctor so if you have questions concerning your health please contact your doctor.

The good

– You can lose a little weight

– Your sex drive may improve

– You can get pregnant easily

The Bad

– Your breast may deflate a tiny bit

– Breast tenderness 

– More headaches 

The Ugly

You may have heavier periods and worse cramps

– Possibly worse PMS

– Your acne may come back

– You may feel or see yourself ovulating

– You may get a yeast infection 

Our Anniversary at Wilson Creek Winery


Our Anniversary at Wilson Creek Winery

Valentine’s Day was my husband Daniel and I’s one year anniversary. We got married at Wilson’s Creek in Temecula, California, on a beautiful Valentine’s Day night with a guest list of a hundred people. For our anniversary, we wanted to go back to Wilson Creek because we truly love the atmosphere there and the owners, as well as the people they’re just so nice.

Picinic Area at the Wilson Creek Winery

Picnic area at the Wilson Creek Winery

On Saturday, my parents had complimentary wine tasting tickets that the owners had given to them from our wedding. So, they shared their wine tasting tickets and we had a picnic. What makes Wilson Creek Winery so unique is they have a huge picnic area where you are able to bring outside food and drink and enjoy your very own picnic. They only request that you don’t bring coolers which a lot of people don’t seem to follow but I feel it is an easy request to respect. We brought Subway, chips, and water to the beautiful green picnic area. The weather was a beautiful 80 degrees and was wonderful in the shade. After our little picnic, we got a couple of tastings and enjoyed sitting and talking photos. My husband got me this wonderful anniversary gift of Instax FujiFilm mini 8, it takes the cutest instant photos. We had a blast taking photos with it at the winery.

Genuine Fujifilm Instax Mini – white (Instant Film)


Daniel and I

Daniel and I at the Gazebo where we got married








We continued to walk around for a bit and enjoyed the great weather. We continued to enjoy our wine tasting tickets. We had Almond Champagne at our wedding and it is always our favorite. So we decided to taste something different. We enjoyed their Peach Bellini and their Orange Mimosa. I really loved the Peach Bellini, it was one of my new favorites. My parent’s then treated us to see the movie Deadpool, because we are that kind of family. It was everything we could hope for, plus I think it disturbed my parents a bit but my Mum surprisingly liked the movie.

Sunday – Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine's day

Happy Valentine’s Day









On Sunday, my husband and I another wonderful day with at the Winery just the two of us. We brought our own bottle of Wilson Creek Almond Champagne and enjoyed it in the picnic area. My husband made reservations for the brunch at the restaurant. We enjoyed a delicious buffet with sushi, ham, and roast. They also, had  breakfast items like waffles,  omelets make on the spot, and delicious bacon and sausage. We then enjoyed all sorts of delectable desserts from cake pops, cookies, to mini little cakes (which were my favorite), and a chocolate fountain which you could dip fruit, and rice crispy treats into, (that was my husband’s favorite.)


We still had more wine tasting tickets so we tried some more of the Sparkling wines like the Orange Mimosa and the Sangria.


You can walk through the grounds of the winery and into the vines. We had a fun time taking photos (I mean I had a fun time taking photos my husband tolerated it, lol.)


The Wilson Creek Winery is such a beautiful place to spend time. If you just want to bring your Wilson’s champagne from Costco and enjoy a picnic at no cost or spend a bit and enjoy wine tasting and lunch, the Winery is truly spectacular.

Wilson Creek Vineyards


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